Diana’s work is informed by personally significant landscapes where
ever-changing conditions are a metaphor for cause and effect
of life experiences.

The origins of the Organics series lies in the natural world with studies of the symbiotic nature of life, erosion and decay. Themes of human interactions with the land; where we have come from - and where we are going to - are intertwined with these observations.

The Organics series encompasses multiple ways of recording moments in time and place, study that is central to generating ideas and new explorations.

Lichen Series 

Top Left:  Suffusion Study - Graphite on paper

Bottom Left: New Life, Acrylic on canvas 45 x 45 cm

Right: Suffusion Dress  (back view, work in progress) crocheted recycled yarns.

Decay Coat

Heat treated plastics, recycled garment.

Artspace, Cambridge Artworks and performance at Forest Arts Centre.


Gathered during continuous research at the Devil's Punchbowl, Hindhead.
top row, l-r: Soil Mapping - soil samples, glass bottles : Industry - birch twigs, wire : 

Found - artefacts in display boxes 

middle row: Found Geologies - varnished pebbles:  Free - Pine cones in gift boxes
bottom row:  24 Views - photographic record of conditions and seasonal change.

36 Views / Souvenirs

Espacio Gallery, Bethnal Green, London.

Desire Lines I (left) Desire Lines II (right)

Desire Lines I: Photographic record on stitched muslin showing junctions of a walk following informal footpaths in the landscape.,

Desire Lines II: Hot glue, Graphite on Fabriano ( 2x 1.5m). Layered maps of formal and informal pathways made by humans and animals, The Devil's Punchbowl, Hindhead.

Birch Weave

Found twigs, wire : Charcoal on paper