Sculpture and Installation

This series, entitled InOrganics, focuses on the transformation of everyday materials to mimic ethereal, often organic structures. The fragility of ourselves - and our world - are represented in their qualities. 

InOrganics work is often abstract and experimental, a constant negotiation between maker and materials where outcomes can be influenced, but never entirely controlled. 

Developments of these themes consider the body as ‘place’ - the location of memory and emotion – where sculptural work becomes costume, reflecting upon the personal impact of both individual and global concerns.

Swimming , London Commissioned by Young Vic Theatre and We Are Waterloo
Woven plastics, recycled bottles and packaging to raise awareness
of environmental damage caused by single use plastics.

Shield  - ArtCan Artist Award 2017

Woven and crocheted plastics, cable ties
Considers the incongruity between plastic's protective properties and its toxicity .


Fragile Robe

PVA, hot glue, heat treated plastics, cable ties
Commissioned by Livia Rita for Rewild multi-disciplinary performances, Ugly Duck, London.


Genesis II

Knotted fishing line, west window light - Guildford Cathedral, Surrey.



Martyrs' Gallery East Sussex.


Heat treated mylar

South Hill Park.

Gravitation Espacio Gallery, London

Heat treated plastics

Gravitation West Dean, West Sussex

Heat treated plastics.

Desire Lines II

Hot Glue, Graphite on Fabriano, Shadow