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Sculpture and Installation

Diana focuses on the transformation of everyday materials to mimic ethereal, often organic structures.  Processes include crafting methods and heat treatment .

Wherever possible materials are recycled and repurposed to reduce adverse environmental impact. 

Developments consider the body as ‘place’ - the location of memory and emotion - where sculptural work becomes costume, reflecting upon the personal impact of both individual and global concerns.


Seeds of Hope 2022Commissioned by Surrey Hills Arts - photo credit Nigel Emery
Found wood cuttings, recycled yarn made in collaboration with participants of all abilities.

Symbiosis Dress 
Recycled, crocheted yarn, Spirit of Place 2022

Thames Lock
Graphite on Canvas, Spirit of Place 2022

Swimming , London Commissioned by Young Vic Theatre and We Are Waterloo
Woven plastics, recycled packaging to raise environmental awareness locally.

Fragile Robe
PVA, hot glue, heat treated plastics
Commissioned by Livia Rita for Rewild multi-disciplinary performances, London.


Gravitation  Espacio Gallery, London  Heat treated plastics

Gravitation West Dean, West Sussex

Genesis II
Knotted fishing line, west window light - Guildford Cathedral, Surrey.

Torrent  Poured PVA Martyrs' Gallery East Sussex.

Fragmental  Heat treated mylar  Mirror Gallery.

Desire Lines II Hot Glue, Graphite on Fabriano, Shadow

Decay Coat  Heat Treated Plastics, recycled garment   Forest Arts Centre.

Shield  - ArtCan Artist Award 2017
Woven and crocheted plastics, cable ties
Considers the incongruity between plastic's protective properties and toxicity. 


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